Spring Break Camps for 2024

Exciting news awaits young aspiring artists and their families in 2024! The gates to a world of creativity and artistic growth have been announced for Spring Break 2024 at Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People's Performing Arts Studio. With a rich history spanning five decades, The Kaleidoscope Performing Arts Studio has consistently offered outstanding performing arts programs tailored to children and adolescents. Our Performing Arts Studio stands resolute in its mission to ignite inspiration, stimulate challenges, and impart arts education to youth through the power of live theatre.

Summer Camp Registration

Unlock a Spring Break of Creative Exploration

Discover a wide selection of captivating camps to choose from at Kaleidoscope, ensuring there’s something for every young artist. Whether your child is drawn to acting, singing, dancing, or a fusion of all three, they’ll find a camp that harmonizes with their interests and talents.

Our camps are meticulously curated by experienced and dedicated instructors whose sole purpose is to nurture the young talents and foster their innate creativity. Moreover, stringent safety protocols are rigorously upheld, affording parents peace of mind, knowing their children will flourish in a secure and health-conscious environment.

Embark on a Journey of Creative Growth

If you’re seeking a vibrant and immersive avenue for your child to nurture their creativity, bolster their confidence, and refine their social skills, look no further than the spring break theatre camps at Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People’s Performing Arts Studio. With seasoned mentors, a supportive community, and a relentless focus on nurturing creativity and promoting collaboration, our studio provides the ideal platform for kids to delve into the captivating world of theatre and unearth their own unique talents.

Kaleidoscope’s programs are thoughtfully offered at three convenient locations throughout Greater Victoria, including Kaleidoscope’s downtown Arts Centre, Saanich Recreation’s Cedar Hill Recreation Centre, and Royal Oak Middle School locations.

Seize the Moment

This remarkable opportunity to witness your child’s performing arts skills flourish while they have an unforgettable summer experience is not to be missed. Secure your child’s spot now in the prestigious Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People’s Performing Arts Studio summer camps. Join us in celebrating the transformative power of the arts!



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