Artist Billeting

Kaleidoscope is known for attracting artists from far and wide to showcase their talents in our productions. However, for many of these artists, working so far away from home can be a challenge. This is where Artist Billeting comes in.

Artist Billeting has become a beloved tradition at Kaleidoscope. We take pleasure in connecting visiting artists with generous members of our community who are willing to open up their homes and offer a safe place to stay. While providing food and meals is not a requirement, some hosts enjoy spoiling their guests. However, we leave it up to you and the artist to negotiate meal and cooking arrangements. Once a pairing is made, we will put you in touch with each other and let you take it from there.

As a billet, not only will you have the perk of getting to know and enjoy the company of an artist, but you will also receive complimentary tickets to the production and recognition as a donor as a thank you for your generosity.

Our actors and stage managers come from all over Canada to work with us, and they are professional artists who will be busy at the theatre for most of their time with you. All they require is a clean, safe, and welcoming home to sleep in at night. While they may need some room in the fridge, they do not expect maid service!

We understand that billeting can be a new experience for some, and we are happy to provide support throughout the process. This includes arranging keys for tenant arrival or changeover if you are out of town.

By opening your home to our artists, you play a vital role in enabling us to continue bringing top theatre professionals to Victoria from across the country to work on our stage.

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Artist Billeting