Student Bursary Fund

Every young person deserves to be noticed, heard, and valued. That's why Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People works to make sure everyone can join in and enjoy our programs. The Kaleidoscope Performing Arts Studio Annual Bursary Fund provides scholarships fairly to give as many kids as possible the chance to express themselves on stage and discover how amazing their creativity can be.

A student stands at a music stand during a private voice class.
How to Apply:

Limited bursaries are available for families that are in need of financial assistance. Bursaries are only available for programs at the Kaleidoscope Arts Centre in downtown Victoria.

To apply, please complete the Student Bursary Form  below. In an effort to support as many students as possible, Bursaries will not cover the full tuition costs of a program. When deciding what portion of tuition you may be able to contribute, please take into consideration that the more you are able to contribute, the greater number of families we are able to support through our
bursary program.

Bursary Application

If you have any questions, please email us at

Special Thanks

Student Bursaries for the Kaleidoscope Performing Arts Studio have been funded in part by generous donations from the following partners: