From Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People and Vancouver's Carousel Theatre for Young People comes an exciting co-production full of courage, brains, heart, and imagination!

March 30- April 9, 2023 • Langham Court Theatre
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Colourful show artwork for Oz.

About the Show

“As wild as a cyclone, this magical wind will blow your family away.” – TheatreMania UK

Get ready for a magical adventure this spring, as Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People and Vancouver’s Carousel Theatre for Young People team up to bring you a co-production of the classic tale, Oz.

In this exciting production, you’ll get to meet the legendary author L. Frank Baum, as he sits down to write his famous book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. But he’s not alone – he’s joined by a feisty young girl named Dot, who quickly becomes engrossed in the story. It is 1899 and Baum is putting the finishing touches his infamous tale, but putting dreams on paper is elusive business and Baum is struggling with some definite plot problems, no title and no ending! Like the cyclone in his story, Baum, his housekeeper Bridgey, and Dot get swept up in the mad vortex of his tale. Together, they bring the Land of Oz to life right there in Baum’s study, transforming an ordinary Victorian study into a magical land of imagination! You’ll watch in wonder as the beloved characters of the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion come to life on stage!

But this production is more than just a re-imagining of a classic story. It’s a celebration of creativity, imagination, and the power of storytelling. As Baum and Dot work together to bring Oz to life, we’re reminded that the most important ingredient in any creative endeavour is heart – and that the real wizard behind the curtain is often our own imaginations.

With a talented cast, stunning design, and a heartwarming story that will delight audiences of all ages, Oz is a can’t-miss production that will inspire and entertain you from start to finish. So mark your calendars, gather the family, and get ready to journey to the Land of Oz with Kaleidoscope and Vancouver’s Carousel Theatre for Young People. It’s a production full of courage, brains, heart, and imagination that you won’t want to miss!

  • Age Recommendations: Ages 6+
  • Running Time: 75 Minutes with NO Intermission
  • Audience Advisory: This production uses theatrical haze and smoke effects

Performance Schedule

This production is now closed.

Cast and Creative Team


Megan Zong


Stephen Thakkar

L. Frank Baum
Melanie Yeats, Oz, Kaleidoscope Theatre

Melanie Yeats


Jennica Grienke


Taylor MacKinnon

Stage Manager
Photo of Rebekah. Rebekah is wearing glasses and smiling. There is a black and white scarf around her neck.

Rebekah Johnson

Lighting Design
Headshot of Donnie. Donnie is wearing a blazer with colourful circles and sitting in a pink chair.

Donnie Tejani

Costume Design

Sargil Tongol

Assistant Director
Headshot of Monica. Monica is wearing glasses and a black collared shirt. There is a dark background.

Monica Emme

Prop Design
Ryan Cormack, set Designer, Oz, Kaleidoscope Theatre

Ryan Cormack

Set Design

MJ Coomber

Sound Design
Mishelle Cuttler Assistant Sound Designer for Kaleidoscope Theatre's OZ

Mishelle Cuttler

Assistant Sound Designer

Resource Guide

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