The House at Pooh Corner

Written and Directed By: RODERICK GLANVILLE
Based on the Stories by by: A. A. Milne

FEBRUARY 21-23, 2020

This Production is Now Closed

About the Show

Christopher Robin has called a “mergency” meeting. He has decided to run away with his friends Eeyore, Owl, Piglet, Kanga, tiny Roo, Tigger and, of course, Pooh himself. They will probably go to the North Pole or to the South Pole. Why? There is a dark, mysterious threat that Christopher Robin is to be sent away to “Education.” Nobody knows exactly what or where that is, and if he’s sent to such a distant place, what can his friends possibly do without him? So it’s generally agreed that they’ll run away. From discovering what to feed Tigger (no haycorns, no honey, no thistles) to playing Poohsticks over the bridge, the friends are bound only by their childhood imaginations in this delightful adventure in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Creative Team

  • Director Roderick Glanville
  • Stage Manager Lois Dawson
  • Set Designer Barbara Clerihue
  • Puppet Design Pamela Stringer
  • Scenic Carpenter Dan Costain
  • Production Manager George Scott – Event Service Production
  • Costume Design Hannah Beth Stenberg
  • Lighting Design Emma Dickerson
  • Projection Design Jason King
  • Prop Design & Construction Jeff Insell & Elliott Loran
  • Composition and Music Director Alexander Ferguson
  • Running Crew Members of IATSE local 168
  • Production Assistant Jill Aalders
  • Scenic Painting Barbara Clerihue

Elliott Loran

Christopher Robin

David Radford

Owl, Eeyore, Rabbit

Kirsten Van Ritzen

Piglet, Kanga

Haley Fowler

Tigger, Roo

Mark Hellman