A (True) Story

Written and Created By ANAÏS PELLIN
in collaboration with Emilie Leclerc and ​​Anne-Marie Levasseur

From Kleine Compagnie and Théâtre de la Pire Espèce comes this object theatre piece showcasing masterful table-top puppetry and storytelling.

February 21-26, 2023 | Langham Court Theatre

En route to her family vacation, Clémentine suddenly learns that her parents are no longer in love. The word “divorce” hurts to hear. She promises herself to do everything she can to prevent it. But does a little girl really get to decide her parents’ story?

Navigating episodes of her everyday life throughout the seasons, with the help of her little sister Laura, Clémentine tames her sadness and finds the strength to mourn the image she had of the “fairy tale family”.

Whimsical puppetry & heartfelt storytelling help young Clementine navigate tough family changes and find the true meaning of love. Bright, bubbly & entertaining, this show for kids and their grown-ups tackles a tricky topic with humour, honesty & optimism.

“Object Theatre at its finest!"- Presentation House Theatre

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Performance Schedule

All Performances Take Place at Langham Court Theatre

Public Performances

  • Friday, February 24 – 7pm (Opening Night)
  • Saturday, February 25 – 4pm
  • Sunday, February 26 – 11am / 2pm

Education Performances (School Day Matinee Program)*

  • Wednesday, February 22 – 10am / 1pm
  • Thursday, February 23 – 10am / 1pm
  • Friday, February 24 – 1pm

*to book tickets for our School Matinee Program performances, please contact Kaleidoscope Education at 

Creative Team

Produced by Kleine Compagnie and Théâtre de la Pire Espèce

Written and Created by Anaïs Pellin with the collaboration of the actors

Translator  |  Leanna Brodie

External eye for the English version  |  Emilie Leclerc

Cast |  Anaïs Pellin and Isabelle Bartkowiak or Anne-Marie Levasseur

Set Design and Object Collaboration  |  Julie Vallée-Léger

Staging Advisor and Dramaturg  |  Francis Monty

Collaborators to the Scenic Writing  |  Francis Monty and Julie Vallée-Léger


This production is made possible through the generous support of: