Join us for a Free Audition Workshop

Auditions are a necessary and sometimes intimidating part of being an actor. Join Kaleidoscope’s Pat Rundell and Anna Shill and explore what you can do to make sure your auditions showcase your best self.

This on your feet, active workshop will guide you through the dos and donts of auditioning and answer questions like: How do I make a memorable entrance? How do I get into my body and use the space? Where do I stand? What do I look at? What does it mean when they give me notes? Many of these simple questions leave actors nervous and less prepared. Finding a way to make auditions enjoyable and work for you is one of the best lessons an actor can learn.

This workshop is intended to help those planning on auditioning for Kaleidoscope’s production of Charlotte’s Web the musical, and all materials will be geared towards that specific audition.