Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Event Description


Based on the Fairy Tale by the Brothers Grimm | Adapted and Directed by Stephen Andrew

Traditional British Panto


Presenting at the McPherson Playhouse.

Cast out by her jealous stepmother and tricked into eating a poisoned apple, the beautiful Snow White must defeat the wicked queen and find her way back to the palace – with the help of seven new friends, a handsome prince, and you – the audience!

With its winning combination of incredible musical numbers, slapstick comedy, double entendres, outrageous costumes, local celebrities, and audience participation that encourages you to cheer for the heroine and boo for the evil villain, Snow White is “dopey” entertainment at its finest! The perfect holiday treat for the whole family!

From the Artistic Director:

Join us for exciting entertainment for the whole family over the holidays with a local twist and participation of our unique community celebrities! – Roderick Glanville

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Show Schedule

Tuesday December 27


Wednesday December 28


Thursday December 29


Event Ticket Price

Adults $45.00 Students and Children $25.00