In all children there is a joyous, curious, responsive, and imaginative vitality that must be nourished and stimulated in every child’s growth and carried into adulthood, for, as adults, a sense of joy (the creative instinct) is essential for strength and self-respect. This is the reason for doing children’s theatre”. -Elizabeth Gorrie; Founding Artistic Director

For over thirty-nine years Victoria’s Kaleidoscope Theatre has been the driving force behind Victoria’s most beloved theatre experiences for young people and their families reaching an audience of over 8,000 young people each year. For young artists, Kaleidoscope is a launching pad – providing professional support, training, and experiences to develop their vision and craft through various workshops, productions, and Performing Arts Studio classes.

A charitable, not-for-profit organization established in 1974, Kaleidoscope has created and produced more than 90 original plays / original adaptations for young audiences. Kaleidoscope is the only professional theatre company on Vancouver Island offering productions and programs designed specifically for youth and families. Kaleidoscope has performed to over 2.5 million people around the world.